KAZMOK: Conveyor Belt Reinvented

2015-10-28 2:43 PM



At first glance, these photos look like well-crafted leather briefcases. But in fact, they are made of a material you’d never suspect — recycled conveyor belts previously used at shipping warehouses, postal services, flower distribution centers, and recycling facilities.

Kazmok is a line of stylish and durable business bags and accessories developed by Amsterdam-based designer Dinand Stufkens. Dinand’s ingenious idea was to repurpose discarded industrial material and design a premium product that as a bonus, keeps waste out of landfills. There is indeed a poetic justice in transforming the ultimate symbol of mass production “the conveyor belt” into premium one-of-a-kind bags.

The process for making the bags starts with transferring the used belts that come in a range of colors and patterns from the distribution facilities to Kazmok’s workshop in the Netherlands. Once there, they are cleaned and usable sections of the belts, free of holes and excessive surface damage, are then trimmed and handcrafted into briefcases.
It is truly an innovative “upcycling” which offers this industrial material a second life. Not only is this material extremely durable, it also proudly flaunts the marks of its previous existence as conveyor belts, including wear and tear, scuffs and scratches, giving each item its unique look much like a leather bag that patinas over time.

Aimed at the modern day businessman and woman, these stylish, durable and sustainable briefcases are designed to survive even the most unforgiving of travel itineraries.

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