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Pineider Leather Briefcases & Bags

Handmade craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Pineider. The brand has become a symbol of Italian luxury and creativity with an illustrious history as one of the oldest leather manufacturers in the world. In 1774 they started off as a stationary shop in the heart of Florence Italy producing exclusive luxury paper. Demand from their affluent clientele for leather desk accessories and briefcases to house their exquisite paper began Pineider’s venture into leather manufacturing. History has it that none other than Napolean was one of their early customers.

The tradition of excellent craftsmanship truly characterizes the Pineider brand. They still maintain the ancient Tuscan tradition of using the tannins of oak and chestnut trees to tan their leathers. Every Pineider product has been designed and crafted by master artisans in Italy, and all materials used are 100% Italian.

Now 236 years later this luxury brand is still very much relevant and revered. Pineider was chosen as one of the gifts given to all the World Leaders at the 2009 G8 summit…further strengthening their global esteem.

Clean profiles, elegance and sophistication are the essential characteristics of the Pineider Business Collection, with styles for men and women. For today’s business professional, who is looking for a quiet luxury, the Pineider line is the perfect complement to your corporate lifestyle.

Pineider in Canada

Betty Hemmings Leathergoods is proud to be the exclusive retailer for Pineider in Canada. Betty Hemmings has a wide selection ofPineider product in both the Toronto and Vancouver boutiques.