Hartmann Luggage & Suitcases 

One of the most revered great American brands, Hartmann has been crafting the world's finest luggage and travel goods since 1877. Driven by founder Joseph S. Hartmann's commitment to make "Luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence." the Hartmann brand legacy has held true through generations of travelers and decades of travel revolutions. More than a century-long roster of presidents, royalty, and celebrities have trusted Hartmann's enduring quality to stow their belongings, protect their treasures and reflect their storied trips, tours and adventures around the world.

Within the exceptional craftsmanship of every Hartmann product are innovative features that provide the practical functionality expected by discriminating travelers. The magnificent, multi-compartment steamer trunks sought after by 19th century voyagers have evolved into today's compact, high-tech spinners, garment bags and briefcases, upholding Hartmann's commitment to crafting cutting-edge luggage and travel products and maintaining its reputation as the coveted icon for the world's most discerning travelers.