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Barantani Leather Bags

Barantani was founded in 1966 in Parma Italy and to this day is still family owned and operated. The quality and character of leather is the hallmark of Barantani bags. Only the finest full-grained leather is selected and tanned using vegetable tannins and animal fats. The leather is then repeatedly tumbled to bring out the natural grain of the hide and give the leather a subtle shine. Once the leather is perfectly prepared Barantani handcrafts the finest leather briefcases and business accessories using the highest quality stitching, fittings and locks.  A trademark of Barantani's quality craftsmanship is the heat-crimped edges, a technique that imparts a beautiful detail to the leather and offers added strength to seams. This attention to detail is what extends the life of a Barantani bag ensuring it will be enjoyed for many years to come.